Mountain Bike Trials at Pro-X 2010

While I can appreciate the guys doing mad tricks in Moto-X and  BMX’ing, it was the trials biking that had my jaw dropping as if Gisele had just called me to her hotel room for a pick-me-up. Trials involves going through an obstacle course on a specially designed bike, and it’s a sport of mad skills, insane balance and bunny hops like you’ve never before seen in your life. The trials biking at Pro-X was the one time where I was convinced not to look at the promo girls, these guys had me hooked. Here are some shots of the days action (Well last weekend):



At this point the riders were hopping, sideways, up these two poles. Mental.






Hopping from beam to beam on the back wheel, chilled

It’s honestly mad, and if you enjoy this sort of stuff, check out a guy called ‘Hans Rey’, he’s done some mad work in that discipline.

Google image him or check his website, pretty decent stuff!

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  1. Fantastic pics, real good trials bike moves.

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