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body shop activist

Look, most guys avoid The Body Shop because it is predominantly womens stuff. But I roll with my camp side and stroll in there like it aint no thang. I can throw around words like ‘exfoliator’, ‘pore refining’ and ‘reed diffuser’ and STILL drive past a school and bang the prom queen.

I was surprised when my girlfriend actually commented the other day that I smelled so good. With 23 hours of my day spent chopping wood and driving diesel powered machinery, it was a miracle. That part is a lie. No, we were in the Body Shop and I was strolling about spritzing myself with The Body Shop’s ‘Activist’ eau de toilette. At R199 for 100ml’s, it is about as cheap as you’re going to get. I tend to lean toward woody and smoky fragrances, because I am the man. Le male! Le gigolo! This is what Activist contains:

  • Lemon and orange combine to create the citrus top notes.
  • Cedarwood and ylang combine to create the spicy heart notes.
  • Sandalwood, patchouli and amber combine to create the warm, woody base notes.

Anyway, so not only did I think this stuff was good, but I had my girlfriends approval. Victory! So you’re not only hearing this from a males point of view. If you wear this, chicks WILL dig it. and because all the other guys are wearing more highly publicised fragrances, you are totally going to come in from out of the dark and surprise them all. Next thing you know, you wake up with some lacy panties on your bedroom floor and you’re thinking ‘Shit son, I got game’

female lace briefs

A visual representation of what you may have in your bed (For your information, this particular photo shows crotchless lace panties , you can buy them locally HERE on Sexy stuff for your girlfriend/wife/mistress/whatever it may be)

Slow down there champ, Activist by the Body Shop is your game. But I won’t tell anyone if you don’t 😉

The hidden secret in fragrances is to use an entire range for your shower gel, deodorant and eau de toilette, to really pump up that fragrance. Doing this in the Armani league will probably cost you like R100 per day just to smell good. But The Body Shop range is so well prices, even the frugal amongst us can afford it. for example, the Activist shower gel is R99, the Activist roll on deodorant is R70 and the eau de toilette is R199. And if you know what I do, you’ll know that if you have a Body Shop loyalty card, you can buy three items and you’ll get the cheapest one free. So grab the eau de toilette, shower gel and deodorant for R298. WINNING!

body shop activist

activist by the body shop

activist body shop

The ‘Come right tonight’ package

Get down to The Body Shop today and grab yourself a piece of the action.

Thank me when you wake up next to an angel.

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