Matblac iPhone, Laptop And Kindle Protectors


I’m always scouting around for new stuff to make your life better, or just cooler. And then I remembered Matblac hand crafted products, and decided to see what Matblac have been producing of late. Well I wasn’t aware the range had expanded so considerably! Take for instance this cover for your 15 inch Macbook:

matblac macbook

“Specially designed for 15-inch Macbooks, this cover is made from 3mm Merino wool felt specially imported from the worlds leading felt producer in Germany. The felt is stain resistant, soft to the touch yet incredibly hard wearing, eco friendly, not dyed and wont pill. Coupled with the stone grey felt is a soft hazelnut leather and tight grey stitching, resulting in a superbly slick and timeless Mac protector. The antique copper snap buttons are double padded to protect your Mac.”

I can see myself taking that cover out for dinner. Maybe get a few cocktails in us…I don’t know, maybe even some chicken…and some sex.

Then because you’re a vintage photographer, you’ve also got your iPhone on you, and those things aren’t exactly made for the wild. So here is the iPhone cover (iWallet), and it also has space for a card or two. It’s basically for the new world, where our phone stores everything, and one or two cards keep our money (Yo dolla!):

matblac iphone cover

iphone case matblac

About the iWallet:

  • Made using the worlds finest Merino wool felt from Germany
  • The leather is Eco certified from Argentina’s most respected tannery
  • Designed to hold your iPhone plus two cards on each side
  • Has a subtle laser engraved detailing
  • A small finger hole allows you to easily remove your phone
  • As always this item was hand crafted by its designer at Matblac studios in Cape Town

And for those of you who still read more than the typical three line blog posts we bloggers post, you’ll probably have a Kindle if you’re reading your books in digital format. This cover is in fact sold out, but if you drop Mat a line, he’ll let you know when the new ones are ready for sale.

matblac kindle cover

kindle matblac

Seriously though, how cool is all that kit?

Click here to view all the details, and to buy your own Matblac covers.

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