First Escalator At Harrods


So I did some Googling on this and there seem to be different reports, but reading a few of them I have found these facts.

In 1898 Harrods featured one of the worlds first escalators. Obviously with people never having ridden escalators, it was quite an experience and staff were on hand to help shoppers with this extreme experience. In fact, shoppers were offered a drink of brandy at the top of the escalator. Now I still suffer from extreme anxiety when riding escalators and I think every shopping centre should offer brandy at the top of an escalator. I’ll ride those things for the rest of my life.

Interestingly enough, there is a video on YouTube not of people having their first ride on the Harrods escalator, but people just having their first ride on an escalator. It’s in Uzbekistan or something like that:

So it’s true (Sometimes) that you learn something new every day.

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