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There is no doubt that David Beckham is one of the most stylish men on the planet courtesy of fame and a bank balance that ensures he is made out of WIN. One of the things he is especially known for are his jeans, carefully worn in and unlike anything we ever really see in South Africa. The jeans that David Beckham wears are awesome and come from a company called PRPS. The wear patterns on them look properly worn in as opposed to being worn in like some jeans look like, where the pattern seems really fake.

david beckham wearing prps jeans

Beck’s rocking PRPS denims and the scarf


david beckham in prps jeans

Beckham cruising in PRPS jeans


 david beckham prps denim jeans

Beckham in PRPS, Posh in skinny

Let’s find out a little bit about PRPS denim jeans, which are currently not available in South Africa which is bad news for us!

PRPS repeatedly references a wealth of detail from the worlds of authentic military uniform, workwear and hunting apparel.  PRPS take note of the stains on a painters jeans to observing the wrinkles on the knees of a mechanics jeans.

prps mechanic

Bruised never broken: Jeans that evolve with you

Some of the styles of PRPS jeans are put through an aggressive aging process, with the end results being as natural and authentic as possible. Every stain, nick and prick or abrasion is painstakingly produced by hand to replicate real wear and age and no two pairs of jeans are the same.  PRPS signatures and details include five different shanks on each button fly, camouflage or other contrast pocket bag lining.

prps camo pocket

PRPS jeans pocket bag lining

prps fly buttons

PRPS jeans fly buttons

African Cotton

The quest to find the finest organic cotton in the world led the team to Africa, specifically Benin, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Uganda. These countries have the ideal climate needed to grow the strong, resilient and pure cotton that PRPS utilize.

Though Africa is behind many other regions in issues related to formal research, bio-pesticides and pest control, the cotton for PRPS goods is personally selected and inspected by by local cotton farmers in Africa.

prps idividual number



Words from Donwan Harrell — Founder and Creative Director of PRPS

For over a decade I’ve had the opportunity to travel and live in different parts of the world for inspiration. Nonetheless, after having this experience of immercing myself in different cultures over the years while pursuing my career, I found the Japanese to have admirable craftmanship. Interestingly so, although their labour intensive garments were impeccable, larger sizes were scarce and hard come to by. It only made sense to start my own brand made in Japan, utilizing premium quality fabrics and pieced goods.  Thus PRPS was born. I grew up in North Carolina and in Virginia and experienced the simpler things in life. Coming from a logging and hunting family I appreciated the clothes that was worn when participating in these jobs. There was always a form + function to every detail in the garment. No room for luxury expenditures.  A product with a purpose. My father also exposed me to the 70′s drag strip scene early on, and cars are still a hobby that I actively pursue. Working on race cars and participating in that communuty provides endless influence for the tattered holes, oil stains and wrinkled creased effects you see on our product each season.

PRPS is a tool, or voice of things and values I hold dear to myself. Free + easy culture and a classic, nostalgic vision of the American lifestyle at its best.

Donwan Harrell

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such awesome jeans in my life! The wear pattern is amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in South Africa.

Come on Woolworths, how about a little import? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?!!

Pricing overseas is around $200 – $400.

Great denim brands in Cape Town include G-Star, Blue Blood and True Religion, while the V&A Waterfront are stocking some cool new styles of denims. The V&A Waterfront in the flagship Cape Town store, so if you have thought the range at Cavendish to be a bit of a shocker, make sure to cruise to the Waterfront. I believe Fabiani are having a sale at the moment, so pop in there to check out their G-Star denim range. G-Star is also opening a stand alone store at the V&A Waterfront on the same level as Diesel and Hugo Boss.

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Check out the PRPS website

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