Matblac iPhone Wallet

matblac iwallet

If you love your iPhone, you’ll know that it needs to be covered up. One drop and it’s going to be scratched or cracked. Yet covering it up makes it bulky and takes away from the amazing feel of it in your hand. Which is why you should use an iPhone wallet, like this locally crafted one from Matblac. It’s really cool because you can use your phone without the cover, as it should be used, and once you’re done just slip it back into the iWallet.

Made using the worlds finest Merino wool felt from Germany
Locally sourced dove grey leather exterior for cards
Designed to hold your iPhone 4 plus two cards on each side
A small finger hole allows you to easily remove your phone
Has a subtle laser engraved detailing
Comes in a specially made presentation box


Buy yours at (Available for iPhone 4 and 5)

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