I must be honest, the problem with the internet these days is that I tend to get so caught up in the conversations on Twitter and the massive amount of content that I don’t always take the time to appreciate other things. I haven’t been to movies in ages, and find that I lose concentration when anything is too long to watch or read. I’ve spoken about it before and wanted to try correct it, but it just seems there is always someone messaging you either via e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook that it seems like you’re in constant conversation. But I need to watch more movies and especially more animations. I’m not saying watching movies is a cure to anything, but the act of going to a cinema is a great experience. Too often it’s easier just to watch something by downloading it on iTunes. Or just surfing YouTube for fast content. This is a little clip that reminded me of the magic of animation. I’ve always been a dreamer, to the point that it can be quite bad because I’ll just live in this fantasy world inside my head. But that is me and I can’t change it, even if I really try. It’s a part of me, and it is why I am me. Anyway, ever since the Toy Story days I have been fascinated by animation because it can create an unreal world, which is important in these times where the world feels too real sometimes. This is it:

That took me away from the world for 6 minutes, and to be able to completely shut off from everything for 6 minutes is great. Now I need to find more animations to watch.

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