Music To Fix Your LC


Look, we all know how it goes, you’ve had a tough week and want to blow off a little bit of steam but end up going crazy and turning into the human choo choo train. You end up typing a drunk text to your ex and by mistake send it to your mom and you wake up in the morning on the couch covered in Doritos and Steers. You’re in a cold sweat and anxiety is washing over you like never before. You go straight into your phones messages folders and delete everything, because if you can’t read the messages, they were never sent.

With a panic attack setting in, you need something for your soul but your hangover prevents you from getting to the beach or into the mountains. I have found the answer in these two songs, to help you live a better life:

It’s only a pleasure, thank me later.

One Comment on “Music To Fix Your LC

  1. Hi there. could you please tell me the names of the two songs? I can’t view the content because its blocked by my organisation.

    Many Thanks

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