Rock These Shorts From Woolworths


It’s summer so it’s all beer, shorts, Sebago Docksides and the beach. I battle to find shorts that I like, but I did find some at Woolworths. These are them.

Um…shorts. Pretty boring subject I won’t lie so I did add whisky for effect.

You know what dream I had last night? I dreamt I was being shot at by a guy with a paintball gun, but I can’t remember why he decided I should be shot with paint. I ended up getting into a supersonic sprint, to the point that my shirt tore from the speed. Then I woke up in a cold sweat and my heart was beating so fast I thought it was a door being knocked on. Anyway I won’t even ask what this sort of dream means! I probably have issues but whatever.

So these short are actually a short chino, and I don’t wear long chinos at all. The only long pants I wear are Japanese Selvedge denims for some reason. Denim is rockstar and chino’s are just…well…too preppy for me. I don’t summer in the Hamptons, I party in the trenches with the plebbs.

Do I look squint?

These shorts are however very cool and are 100% cotton (I refuse to wear anything with polyester in it, it’s rubbish. Well it’s actually fine, but I get really static from them. Bizarre!) And I chose this colour because life can be bland at times, so spice it up with some colour. The cool thing is that they’re not short shorts, I wouldn’t wear those if they were the last pair of shorts in the world.  And they’re also not too long, because that look is NOT cool. I am not from some small town. What do they call them, clamdiggers? Horrendous.

These shorts are actually so comfortable they may very well be my new favourite shorts. The only thing that could be improved is my stick legs.

You can grab them for R180 at Woolworths. Actually you should grab them, so I bought the red ones as well.


4 Comments on “Rock These Shorts From Woolworths

  1. This reads like an advertisement. I hope they paid for your Christmas cake as well.

  2. Hi Sean

    I just wrote this after buying the shorts, Woolworths didn’t pay me for the post or for the shorts, I just thought people should know about them.



  3. Thanks Sean , I disagree with Mr.Crookson! This post is informative and honest ;D

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