A Dance With The Devil: The King’s Blockhouse IPA


I’ve been going through pints of beer like water in the search of the best for a while now. It’s a completely selfless task, but one which I have dedicated many hours of my life to, but not for me. I do this for you. Everything I do, I do it for you. The people inside the internet who I never meet. It gives me great satisfaction merely knowing that I have done a great service for the people of this city, even if I never get to see the joy on your faces (As I cry myself to sleep)

Anyway, I recently wrote a little piece on The King’s Blockhouse IPA from Devil’s Peak Brewing and even if I must say so myself…it’s a great write up. An instant classic! Cult like!

Ok, maybe not. But if you’re into beer and want to read my thoughts on my favourite beer right now, check out my review of The King’s Blockhouse IPA on Brewmasters.co.za

Go on, you’ll love it (And if you don’t, you get your money back)

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