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If you’re one of those people who just dismissed Google+ as boring, you’re missing out. I use it as a great tool to follow my favorite photographers, entrepeneurs etc. Google+ can be an amazing and creative place, it’s what you do with it that makes it special. Now with Google+ events, you can create events, invite people or circles to these events and people at these events can upload photos directly from the event, to the events page. Once it’s over, you have a collection of photos from the event, all in one place. My friend Marco said while he was at Facebook he suggested this, but they didn’t see a need for it. They got that wrong:

I think this is amazing for not only dinner parties and smaller parties between friends, but imagine the possibilities if it could easily expand into larger events? Imagine having a central location of crowd sourced photos from events such as OppoKoppi, Rocking The Daisies, or even the Put Foot Rally? Naturally inviting thousands of people to an event would prove time consuming but if this could be refined it’s an amazing tool. Let’s say you’re missing out on an event, you could login and view a live feed of photos being uploaded from that event. Or if you go to an event, you can just go check out the event page the next day for all the photos everyone took.

Crowd sourced photos is a great idea. But even for now if it just works for smaller more personal parties, it is the future of photo sharing.

Get into Google+, it’s a really great place and no one shares stupid inspirational quotes and pictures, and no one is emo. It’s a great place to follow professionals in specific fields, and the way it’s headed, it’s going to get even better. And if you’re an iPhone user, their Google+ app is amazing.

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