Every Man Needs A Decent Pen


“You don’t need a Montblanc or anything that costs the same as a car. Just do not carry a BIC with you. You can tell a lot about a person by the pen they carry. Granted, nowadays we all have phones and tablets to write in, but you should still have a decent pen. And for around R300 you can have one.”

lamy safari

I’m using a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, and if I’m correct they retail for around R300. I would never have thought I would write with a fountain pen, but the Lamy Safari is essentially a beginners fountain pen if you will and extremely easy and comfortable to write with. And by using a refillable pen, you also save loads of plastic from being discarded into landfill. It’s the responsible choice, and will make you look much better than if you were carrying a BIC.

Grab the Lamy Safari at any good pen store, the place in Cavendish Square have them.

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