Freshen Your Cupboard With Cedar Wood


If you’re looking to freshen your cupboards and keep fish moths away, you can turn to moth balls. But their smell and dangerous chemicals are far from ideal. Cedar blocks are the natural choice and everyone cupboard should have a couple of blocks of cedar in them.

I buy mine on Ebay, and keep about 10 of them in my cupboards. When they start to lose their scent you can just give them a very light sanding to renew their scent. I recently bought a 10ml bottle of cedarwood oil (R35 at Wellness Warehouse) and I add two drops of this to each cedar blocks. Leave it to absorb and then throw the blocks back in your cupboard and you’re ready to roll.

cedarwood oil

cedar blocks in cupboard

Cedar blocks are also great to put in your shoes to keep fresh, and you can even buy cedar shoe trees for the ultimate effect.

cedar block in shoe

Cedar coat hangers are also available. I use a place on Ebay called Something Cedar (HERE) and I highly recommend them. They’re really well priced and have great service.

So cedar blocks are the natural way to keep your clothing fresh and protected, and every man should own them.

4 Comments on “Freshen Your Cupboard With Cedar Wood

  1. I have a mole problem and they say cedar wood mote boles Wil chase them away
    Do you sell cedar wood mote boles

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this!
    Have you found the cedar effective for the fish moths?
    Where in SA would you recommend buying cedar wood blocks?
    I would like to buy them but not sure where to find cedar wood.
    Do you have any suggestions or where did you buy them?
    Do they help for fish moths?

    Thank you.


  3. Hi there

    I’m also looking to buy cedar wood blocks here in South Africa to repel fishmoths.

    Please can you mail me and let me know where to buy them.

    Many thanks.

  4. Woolworths stock cedar blocks, and quite well priced!

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