Where To Buy Cherry Coke And Dr Pepper In Cape Town

So I know a lot of you wake up with RAGING hangovers most days, and you all know where to buy pies. A coke and a pie fix almost any hangover, but if you really want the business, you need a Cherry Coke or a Dr Pepper. I don’t know how to describe Dr Pepper, other than awesome, and you need to try it at least once! Obviously don’t drink it all the time because you’ll probably die from that. But every now and again its decent stuff!

axl rose dr pepper

If it kills Axl’s hangovers, it’ll DESTROY yours!

So here are a list of suppliers of Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper in Cape Town. Should you know of any other stores, add them in the comments below. And let’s kick hangovers in their FACE!

Suppliers of Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper in Cape Town:

  • Engen 24 Hour Store (Woolworths is there as well) Claremont Main Road, Cape Town
  • Rosmead Spar, Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth
  • Spar on Kloof Street, Cape Town
  • 24 Hour Engen and Woolworths in Tokai, off of Ladies Mile
  • Dr Pepper available at Giovannis in Green Point (Thanks Danny)
  • Michaels Deli, Campground Road, Rondebosch (Thanks Justin)

Those are the only ones I know of at the moment, do you know any others? Drop a comment…and save an alcoholic.

17 Comments on “Where To Buy Cherry Coke And Dr Pepper In Cape Town

  1. love dr pepper. also available at geovanni’s, greenpoint.
    otherwise hit frankie’s root beer – available at most spars.
    i find root beer goes very well with bourbon or rum

  2. Awesome article! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve long been seeking local places that sell the beverage of the Gods, commonly known as Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper. I actually found an obscure places that does – Michael’s Deli on Campground Road, Rondebosch. I can now die in peace. Amen. – Justin

  3. thanks for the heads up! anyone know if and where i can get vanilla coke?

  4. Hi Safiya

    Vanilla Coke isn’t available anywhere that I know of, I’ve also been looking. It really sucks, I’m not sure why it’s not available in SA anymore.


  5. Hey thanks for the info I really want to try dr pepper and I’m addicted to cherry coke after just one can. I found it at engen 24HR next to ocean square.

  6. I found a spar in centurion neer unitas hospital to centurion mall has all the dr peppers and cherry coke love it in heaven lol

  7. We have a shop in The Glen in Johannesburg that sells them all, Cherry Coke Vanilla Coke, Dr Pepper Diet cherry coke BUT at R16.00 i find it expensive. Then out local Pick N Pay sells cherry coke and Dr Pepper for R8.99 :)

  8. Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper available at Super Spar in Plattekloof Shopping Centre

  9. Cherry coke n Dr Pepper available at Waterfront caltex, also available at Spar in Pinelands.

  10. As far as I know, Coca Cola decided to re-launch vanilla coke in some countries including south africa.. At the moment its only available in johannesburg

  11. Sweet Express in Rustenburg sells Vanilla, Cherry, Dr Pepper for R9.99 a can

  12. There is vanilla coke in cape town in grassy park caltex freshtop

  13. We are looking for wholesale prices to sell in Brits on Vanilla Coke, Cherry coke, Dr Pepper, Fresca etc and all imported sweets as well.

  14. Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke, as well as Dr Pepper available from the UK Emporium in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

  15. The one stop at the melkbos /r27 west coast road crossing has Dr pepper, vanilla coke and cherry coke. Yummy!!!!!

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