Jesse Jane At Sexpo Cape Town

jesse jane cape town

Jesse Jane…not kak

I’m not going to lie…this weekend is going to blow your life apart! See what I did there? Ja, I do that all the time here. So I’ve been to Sexpo before and there was that chick on the curtain things hanging from the ceiling spinning about and unravelling herself from the ceiling. That was awesome. But if there’s one reason that you should go to Sexpo this year, Jesse Jane has to be it! I mean, not that I’ve heard of her! I was just told…you know…to do some research ahead of Sexpo. What we know about Jesse Jane is that she is absolutely fine and a little minx. You don’t really need to say much more than just see her photos and ahem…videos. If you’re a scholar and a researcher. She is actually a MILF as well because she has a child, which is amazing. Wikipedia tells me she’s been in 67 films, and she also appeared in an episode of Entourage, as part of the Pussy Patrol. I watched that episode and I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it! People are going to be going mental over her this weekend because she has no doubt done some crazy stuff in her lifetime. Probably stuff we don’t even know exists yet. And I bet you she is also lank chilled, because, well, she bones for a living. Imagine that, being paid thousands of dollar, to bone. It’s a bit too much for my mind. But she does it, so get aroused.

So Jesse Jane will be at Sexpo in Cape Town, and so should you. Click here for the Sexpo website. You could also sneak a look at, you know, in the interests of journalistic quality and research.

Then we have Synergy Live this weekend, taking place at Boschendal. With so many awesome bands lined up, you’d be a fool to spend this weekend watching Only Fools And Horses.  Click the banner on the site to check that out…

And then on Saturday night, we have the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange happening in Cape Town, where we will get to experience Berlins nightlife. CRISIS! It is going to be a weekend of amazingness-ness!

I just need to make a mental note to actually pack my Nikons battery this weekend, unlike the weekend past at Above & Beyond where my camera sat in the car with no battery. Major schoolboy error!

I hate to say this, because life may be boring after this, but this is going to be the weekend of your life.

Take your pants off, let the breeze cool you, because you’re going to need to keep a cool head this weekend.

See what I did there?

I told you, that’s just how I do things around here.

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