Sol’s Big Bash At The One And Only Cape Town

It turns out even when you don’t write anything for extended periods of time, you still end up at celebrity events. I mean Fridays shindig was a bit ridiculous…Leo DiCaprio and Mick Jagger and Gina Athans and all the rest at The One & Only in Cape Town. Chilled!




Me and Charlie V…I was texting Donald Trump probably

me and main o

Sean Lloyd and Charlie V…drink Peroni…ry my Peugeot in Benoni. Eet Simba Vetkoek en polony.

marina and sol

Sol and Marina

gina and ciro

Michelle, Ciro and Gina

Thanks to The Little Black Book for an awesome event, chilling in celebville! And thanks to Sol for having us all in what is surely a palace of dreams and excess, it’s amazing.

Click here for all the Facebook photos, photos here all courtesy of that link as well.

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