36 Boutiques And Locnville At Assembly

I won’t lie, sometimes I have no idea how I get to places, or why I’ve been invited or what exactly I’m doing.

Like those times when you’re invited to fashion events and you see people there throwing out such a mad fashion vibe and you’re just chilling in your Docksides and a golf shirt and your Country Road jeans. You know…because you can.

And you arrive and there is a guy posing the hell out of the Ben Sherman range for the next sale on 36 Boutiques (The Ben Sherman sale is on 12 May 2010). And Colin Moss strolls in. And there are name badges for people from some place called GQ.

Which must stand for Guest Queue, they’re probably an elite service for people who pay to skip queues. We should check them out!

And then you’re like, well this is surely the only badge that matters…

36 boutiques note pad

Sick leather notepad from 36 Boutiques!

And so I found myself mincing amongst God knows who at the 36 Boutiques Launch in Woodstock last week Thursday. Now I’ll let you know, I know nothing about fashion. I mean, I’m not into the khaki look and do have some direction of style, but I’m not a fashionista.

What I do know is that I love a sale just as much as you do! And that’s what 36 Boutiques is all about. I won’t go into the details, but you can catch up with all the details over HERE.

Basically 36 Boutiques offer designer fashion on serious sale, between 20% and 80% off the regular price. The sales take place for 36 hours only and you need to be registered to take part in the sales. Girls…have…you…ever?!

Because I’ve NEVER!

The launch was peppered with more food that you could possibly handle and I’m not a fish fan…but that pickled fish…my word! And those chicken wraps? TO-DIE-FOR. (As we pepper our conversation with fashionista/elite society speak)

The great thing with fashion is that you can live in a trash can, drive a dumpster but still walk down the street, casually drawing on a smoke, looking at people with that look while you feel like a million bucks. Fashion does that!

I always feel like a million bucks when my feet are delicately wrapped in R2500 worth of Energie shoes, while R7000 worth of Michel Herbelin tells me what time it is, even though time is of no issue to me.

It’s the feeling it gives me!

And you too can feel what I feel, just for less, it’s great.

Click HERE for the 36 Boutiques website, where you can register and roll like the millionaires minus the stupid working hours and Amex Black cards.

I basically left the 36 Boutiques event and went straight home, changed, kicked someone in the head, ate a Red Bull, drank some chicken, messaged Andrew Bourne and kicked through at pace and threw on some Sex Panther.

You see, I’ve recently fallen in love, and my latest love affair is with The Assembly in Cape Town.

locnville 3

Locnville live at The Assembly

There is no feeling like it! I don’t take acid and then go “Oh like ja dude like the energy and vibrations in this room are synchronized with my soul banana poppadoms. Hey? Like no bru, no one owns the beach, it’s Gods beach”

But there is some sort of energy in The Assembly that is just so good that you can feel it. There are no tools wearing Ed Hardy looking for fights.

No one cares what job you have or what car you drive or what your girlfriend looks like. No one cares how wealthy you are or how rich your parents are. There is no particular dress code, but everyone looks neat and smart and funky.

At The Assembly everyone is there for one thing, to escape work and zone out and listen to sick music and party their asses off. People jumping, people screaming, people smoking, people drinking, people jolling so hard that they’re losing their shoes stage diving.

The Assembly is one of the few places where artists and fans can stage dive. If you can stage dive in a club, you can fall in love with that club. It’s that type of energy that keeps me going back. In most clubs you will have divisions of people, those there to pose, those there to party, those there to see and those there to be seen.

And Assembly just makes you feel like you’re part of something awesome, like you’re a Goddamn rock star teetering on the edge of life, cigarette perched on your lips, skinny jeans, check shirt, long hair, head banging, soul mashing, leather boots, tones of purple and black, women wanting you, guys wanting to be you. This is how Assembly makes you feel.

At Assembly the crowd is one, and I don’t know how they have done this, because it’s extremely difficult to have a club with the longevity that I (well everyone else too) foresee in The Assembly.

We went there to support our boys Locnville and to see Ayce perform with the guys. You’ll know Ayce as the 20 foot tall guy who features in the Locnville album and his performance on Thursday was sick!

locnville 2

Locnville featuring Ayce live in Cape Town…insane!

Not everyone gets to see Ayce performing live so I was stoked to see our man live at our favourite club with the sickest beats by Locnville. Good to see them performing live in Cape Town.


Chilling with Ayce

Then there was the usual mass hysteria with chicks losing their composure after the show when the Locnville guys came out to chat to the fans.

locnville 4

Minds…being lost by their female owners

Obviously the night ended at the 24 Hour Woolworths in town where I bought enough food for an army shelter.

But you know, whatever, you can’t leave the 24 Hour Woolies without at least your weeks grocery shopping.

And some Barcellos.

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