Cape Town’s Fox Comet Make The Durex Ultimate Battle Final In Joburg

Sweet! As you know, I chatted to Rob from Fox Comet last week and I was at the gig on Saturday which was absolutely phenomenal! And they also won on Saturday, sending this Cape Town group up to Joburg for the final of the Durex Ultimate Battle on April 2 at Cool Runnings in Fourways. So a huge congratulations to Fox Comet, that is awesome news and they really did play a crazy set on Saturday. Frontman Rob sings, plays that brass thing from American Pie and the harmonica and generally ensures that the crowd go mental by headbanging, jumping and making a Fox Comet gig one full of mad energy.

If you’re in Joburg (Clue: You’ll be wearing Ed Hardy or drinking a protein shake) then this is going to be a gig to get down to.

I stole some photos from Moonbeaming to let you in on what happened on Saturday night if you were not there (Odd):

fox comet cape town


cape town fox comet


fox comet the band


fox comet cape town


Click HERE for the rest of that photo album on Facebook (A ‘social networking’ site, that to be honest, probably won’t really take off)

My particular Saturday night ended at Tiger at 3am, thanks for that! You know to leave at 3am, because come 4am you’re being lunged at by the drunkest people on the planet.

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