Bring Back The Motley Crue Rock Concerts

Motley Crue on stage

This is what a concert should look like

There was a time…

A time when rock stars were rock stars and excess was their playground. When hard living was their career, and they weren’t supposed to be seen as role models to kids. They were what they were, and watching their descent and all out drug fueled lifestyles were part of the fun. It’s these stories that we now see being played on E! True Hollywood Stories. It’s the lifestyles of the gods of rock ‘n roll excess that now make for awesome biographical books that we read. The rock stars of today hardly have stories to tell! We have a few of them trying to hold down the fort, like Pete Doherty, who was recently arrested for smashing a cars window with a pint glass. Apparently he was downing shots and kept asking where he could buy cocaine. Awesome! Not quite a role model to kids, but that’s not what he’s supposed to be!

Pete Doherty Smoking

Pete Doherty — Keeping the dream alive

Musicians today are all trying to do good, save the planet, heal the sick and feed the hungry, when this is not what they’re supposed to do as rock stars! I blame Bono on this trend. Rock stars and musicians are supposed to be put on a pedestal for hard partying and trashing things, trashing hotel rooms, going on the road and living a lifestyle unlike anything else.Then they’re supposed to fall from grace. They are supposed to crash and burn.

What happened to the days of tour buses hitting the road and the band members just packing a whole load of drugs and blasting down the desert highway, in search of some sort of crazy dream? Now they’re traveling in bio-diesel buses with solar panels. I long for the days of INXS and Motley Crue. I want to be able to say that in my lifetime, I saw rock gods on a stage. But it hardly seems likely that I will.

It’s almost as if those days died with the days of the big 5 supermodels (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer & Linda Evangelista) But now all out concerts have gone ‘green’, and we’re recycling stuff and band members are taming down their acts. Look, it’s a good move on behalf of the general health of people and the planet, but don’t you wish you could see an all out spectacular with fireworks, band members off their tits on drugs, breaking all their equipment on stage? Don’t you just wish they wouldn have a concert in South Africa to rival the old days where Motley Crue actually ruled the world?

Motley Crue Concert

Motley Crue — Killing it!

I mean, all the local concerts are awesome, but can’t someone just fund an all out rock concert? Some billionaire needs to fund a concert in South Africa to give us a taste of what the old concerts used to be like. I just feel that I read of all these crazy stories by the likes of The Rolling Stones, KISS and Motley Crue, but I’ll never experience it. The world has gone too eco friendly and stuff.

And it makes me sad!

I say bring back one all out concert, where anything goes. The worlds greatest gods of rock, no worries about the environment and make it all about the old school experience.

What I’d pay to be there.

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