Villa Lara Opens The Cape Town Summer Of 2009

It’s often difficult to gauge how you fit into society and where you fit in. I’ll be completely honest, my position in society is nothing short of mysterious! From basically just mincing about the city, I still manage to crack invites to everything from Nokia Launch Parties to…hey…yeah other cool things. Somehow, I received an invite to the Villa Lara cocktail vibe last night at Llandudno, one of my favourite places in the world! Now it’s not quite easy to get an invite to something such as this (I’m guessing) because it was quite an elite group chilling there.

Oh ja, and then there was me! Being the class clown of Cape Town, while everyone was ‘talking shop’ and ‘brokering deals’ and ‘cross referencing hedge funds’ and ‘discussing the benefits of negative growth on the first interim as the late surge for the years profits’, I was trying to catch some boobie action. And oh boy did I get a face full of boobie! Check it out, turn your sound up to 200% on Def Leppards ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and feel yourself…erotica!

Villa Lara Summer 8

Ja darling!

Then there were some other people from some or other travel agency, I can’t quite remember because I wasn’t taking the photos, nor was I concentrating on a single thing being said. People tend to forget that I’m in the leisure and pleasure industry, under no circumstances does the word ‘work’ or ‘think’ come into play here. It’s a very dangerous thing, trying to talk sense to me because in all likelihood my head will fall off. It’s happened before and we nearly had to have a transplant with Keith Richards. God, that would be a ruthless and savage operation!

Villa Lara was looking awesome last night and they have officially opened summer for me and therefore I will be celebrating by going to Llandudno this weekend, barring any other major commitments which as usual I will have trouble committing to. Never commit to anything in this town…wait until the last minute to see if a better party arises! We all do it. We’re all naughty and sexy like that. I know you’re sexy with that fiery glint in your eyes.

I should write a piece on my favourite villas in Cape Town, in fact I think I will do that. Obviously I’m once again too busy to do this as I continue to struggle to keep everything above water here. When you keep a hand across every single operating industry in Cape Town, it becomes tricky to ascertain what it is that you are, what you do for a living and where your place and importance in society comes in.

I don’t know my place in society.

I don’t know my importance.

I may have none.

But damn, stop inviting me to your high profile events! Once the beast gets rolling it will never stop. Next thing I’ll be commenting on events on television, just not in the cheesy way that our presenters do it. We’ll be better than that. Or will we? Has TV been invented?

Whip some more photos out the bag here of the villa:

Villa Lara Summer 1

Villa Lara Summer 2

Villa Lara Summer 3

Villa Lara Summer 4

Villa Lara Summer 5

Peter Pan

Villa Lara Summer 6

Villa Lara Summer 7

Villa Lara Summer 9

Oh…who’s behind me?

Villa Lara Summer 10

The sushi angel, I had roughly 500 pieces

Villa Lara Summer 11

And I’m not sure how you spent your evening, but I hope you enjoyed it. I trust I’ll see you tonight somewhere. And don’t forget to meet me on the beach this weekend, probably Saturday. Llandudno. I can’t make Sunday because I’m the running partner in a triathlon. It’s only a 5km run which I could probably do blindfolded with a menthol cigarette in my mouth to keep my tits cool.

But I’ll let you know about the beach, keep track of me somewhere on Twitter, or just right here.

Once again a huge thanks to Chris and Charlene of Villa Lara for hosting us at the most beautiful residential address in Cape Town, and for those of you wanting to live the high life like this, simply click here for Villa Lara.

It get’s my thumbs up and a 5 star rating for style, simplicity and friendliness from the team, who are too awesome for words.

Thanks guys :)

Hugs and kisses! X

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