Caprice and boobs on Sunday nights

On the day of the Lord nogal!

Yeah so we hit up the Grand Daddy roof last night for some cocktail vibe, there with all the Airstream trailers which are quite sick! We quickly got over that, went to Joburg in Long Street, QUICKLY got over that and then thought, oh Caprice!

That went well. Karma didn’t. Rolled up. Asked for I.D. Cool, whip it out.

“That’s not you in the photo?”

“Yes it is”

“Ok go in”

Door lady, “R50 please”

I look in the door (It’s around 10:30pm) and there are about as many people as I can fit in my hand. Don’t clubs sometimes think, well we don’t have anyone inside, let’s let some people in for free and they might buy drinks and spend some money?

Back to Caprice. Meet some people there, they take my camera, photos, boom!


None of us work


Oh hello there!


Shot guys, it’s always nice to wake up to some great camera photos.

If you are the owner of the rack in the photos, drop us an e-mail (seanl (at) slxs (dot) co (dot) za and you’ll probably receive something of the alcoholic variety, or something similar. I’ll decide)

Great start to a Monday. Nice beach weather, which beach we hitting guys? Could be a little cool but I think it will rock.

3 Comments on “Caprice and boobs on Sunday nights

  1. I think you should go around CT and hunt for the best pair of tits… good idea? bad idea? :)

  2. GREAT idea! That’s really actually fantastic, I want to add a Flickr photo gallery of nights out, have it in the right column.

    But I’m thinking a best pair of tits thing is definitely on the cards. We’ll get onto the best ass another time!

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