Awesome powers unite at Two Oceans Forries After Party

As I said, the Two Oceans Forries After Party was a complete mind bender, but what was more powerful was when three of the greatest forces in South Africa came together. (Ladies,throw your panties at us later…g-strings at least) I was chilling there, kicking, watching the mom breastfeed her baby (No jokes — Forries — Outside section where the jungle gyms are — ACE!) when I felt the need to cruise outside. There is some dude kicking in an Ed Hardy t-shirt (No stress for the recession) and some sick blue Wayfarer style sunnies. Jesus made it to the party!

nash slxs

“Anyone drive a pick up? I can’t fit all these panties into my sedan”

The force of the collision of three greats caused orgasmic screams from the chicks, and suddenly Forries got a whole lot wetter. There we were, Charlie V, my creative director in chief, Nash, and myself.

Look ladies, it’s what we do, don’t blame us. Guys, don’t hate us. One day all men will be made this way.

Until now, the chicks have us.

You guys can take our hand offs.

And by hand offs I mean National Geographic candidates.

Sean Lloyd


3 Comments on “Awesome powers unite at Two Oceans Forries After Party

  1. Touch me, yes, rite there, no lower, almost, yes, no, to the left, ah yes. What? No my darling, thats NOT a baseball bat, im just happy to see you. Cover me in maple syrup and brown sugar and come with me… down paradice road. Yes like that song by Joy. COME with me down paradise road, This way please, I’ll carry your LOAD.

    Do u see how I highlighted the IMPORTANT bits? COME and LOAD, in the same line. It’s just so perfect.

    Call me…

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