The classic “Piet Boer” look

I had the most awesome laugh the other day when meandering around the Waterfront laughing at tourists. I shouldn’t really because they kind of pay my bills. They pay YOUR bills. They make Cape Town a pool of happy people who just wander around with seemingly no direction, but meanwhile we realise that with a place like Cape Town, we are here to serve one purpose. That purpose is to party. Hard.

So I’m cruising around the Waterfront on my way to Paulaner Brahaus with Charlie V and Brendon B when I realise that the Waterfront is just another spelling for “tourist” Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city and even though it is in Africa as such, we still drink the most expensive drinks in the world, we drive the finest cars and live in beach houses. We don’t keep lions as pets and we are aware of Gucci, Prada and LV. We are in Africa but on a global scale, we are a party city with roots around the world.

But tourists have so much fun here dressing up as though they are in the bush. They go to all the African curio shops and buy massive wooden elephants and giraffes. God knows where they are going to put them on the plane, but that’s not my problem. The speaker systems outside all these shops(Around Quay Four area, going towards The Clock Tower) belt out tunes such as Toto’s Africa and anything by Johnny Clegg. Guys do all sorts of weird tribal dances in animal skins as though we are literally in the Kalahari. If you want to go to the Kalahari, then book a travel package. (On a side here: How embarrassing is the new advert with “Nasty” Naas Botha, promoting the new range of Supersport clothing at Woolworths? It’s HECTIC!)

Tourists walk around blissfully unaware that I’m wearing boxer shorts with Calvin’s name on them and I’m about to go drink German beer. Cape Town is as far removed from the stereotypical African theme as Paris Hilton is removed from clean. Or Danny K from fame. So these tourists basically walk around wearing all this weird African stuff thinking that it’s how you do it.

Do you see me going to Holland and suddenly smoking a fat joint and having a cup of coffee? Yes you do. Bad example.

The breaking point is when you are sitting at Paulaner Brauhaus, a German beer establishment, located in Cape Town, a cosmopolitan city in South Africa, while African dancers make a noise at the Clock Tower as if there is no tomorrow and you have an English person next to you in the sun going a shade of pink you never thought existed. The contrasts are just too much but they are still highly amusing.

I don’t know where I’m taking this post, other than to say that the German Tourist look at the Waterfront is ABSOLUTELY stunning!

Picture people wearing leather sandals, with knee high white socks, khaki pants, khaki shirts and wearing a big hat like Crocodile Dundee. It’s too beautiful for words.

What I wanted to show you though was a picture of a beautiful man I saw at Newlands sometime last week. We went there to watch the school rugby, where schools such as Rondebosch and Bishops were playing. We hit up a few brewskis and then went through. And then we stumbled upon someone I shall call “Piet Visagie”


That is some marvellous choice in fashion. You know…not that we want to discriminate or anything. I just think it’s important that a photo like that is shown to a wider audience than just myself. Enjoy the two tone shirt. The cargo pants. The Caterpillar boots…with shorts.

Look at it.

Enjoy it.

Marvel at it.

Geniet dit.

Sean Lloyd


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